Medium-range GROK drone surveillance radar

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GROK drone detection radar provides reliable detection of any kinds of UAVs, from micro-drones to large UAVs. GROK anti-UAV radar with 360° coverage and fastest scan rate 1 Hz is applied for Homeland and Military Security to and protect of critical infrastructures, where UAVs have to be detected at large distances.

There are two types of the GROK radar: GROK Ku-band drone detection radar, able to detect drones at distances of up to 2.3 km, and GROK X-band drone detection radar with detection range of up to 4 km for micro-drones and up to 6 km for small UAVs. GROK anti-drone radar system provides automatic detection and tracking of multiple detected objects.

Main applications:

  • Military and Homeland Security;
  • Protection of critical infrastructure (airports, government buildings, power plants);
  • Border security;
  • Protection against espionage attacks;
  • Protection against smuggling of drugs, weapons or mobile phones into open space areas of prisons.

GROK UAV surveillance radar in combination with GROK Stationary Jamming System or GROK Mobile Jamming System provide combination of drone detection and counteraction by blocking radio frequencies or frequency bands of Global Satellite Navigation System used to control UAVs.

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GROK Drone Detection Radar

GROK drone surveillance radar provides automatic detection and tracking of multiple UAVs and is available in two versions: GROK Ku-band UAV detection radar and GROK X-band UAV detection radar with detection range of 2-4 km for micro UAVs. View again
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