UltimateForensics Software for Rapid Analysis of Information Received from a Drone

The system of UAV detection and counteraction allows to neutralize an intruding drone. The further actions of the security service should be aimed at a rapid operational analysis of the data stored on the captured drones. This will make it possible to assess the intentions of the drone operator as well as to determine the targets and facilities under threat.

The UltimateForensics software can be used to quickly find and compare videos obtained from drones used for perimeter security or for reconnaissance purposes. When analyzing data obtained from the drone, it is often quite difficult to recognize the area due to the unusual viewing angle. It is essential to use a special data analysis software in order to find one and the same area of the homogeneous terrain, for example when shooting a pipeline or other terrain that does not have clear reference points for the human eye.

Data analysis by means of the UltimateForensics software allows to find in a matter of seconds all the fragments of the images or videos related to a specified area, site or object. Image retrieval allows to quickly determine the target of the shooting as well as to determine its coordinates. It helps to quickly localize the target even in the absence of GPS data.

It provides much more accurate data in comparison with the analysis of the geolocation data (even if it was possible to obtain it), due to the fact that it determines the target of shooting and its coordinates, rather than the UAV itself. It happens quite often that the coordinates of the target and the drone vary considerably since the target is shot by the drone at a significant distance and without approaching it closely. The resulting report will reduce the time required to determine the motives of the drone operator and can also be used as evidence in court.

More information about the UltimateForensics software, which represents a unique system of photo and video data search and analysis, can be found at https://ultimateforensics.com/

For better understanding of the program, it´s possible to look into the possibilities of the software and test the free demo version of the program available at https://app.ultimateforensics.com.

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