When the drone detection system locates unauthorized UAVs it´s necessary to apply counter measures in order to neutralize the threat.

Our company offers a number of technical tools and instruments that allow neutralizing a drone by selectively blocking the control signals.

While UAV detection radars, drone spectrum analyzers and UAV detection sensors are designed to provide timely notices about approaching UAVs, the complete Anti-Drone system requires the usage of additional devices in order to eliminate threats, caused by drones penetrating protected perimeters.

Our company offers various models of jammers, which represent one of the most effective tools for disabling drones by blocking control signals. Our systems can be equipped with drone jammers used for neutralizing UAVs and RCIED jammers used to defeat explosive devices.

The drone jammers are used to jam drone signals and force it to land, cancel the transfer of photo or video materials from the drone to the operator and make the operator lose control over the drone in case it carries hazardous substances. In other words, the jamming systems provide the intentional emission of radio frequency signals to block UAVs in a particular sector.

The jamming systems are controlled by special software, which is used to selectively disrupt various command and control communication links employed by UAVs and select the most appropriate ways of responding to emerging threats while mitigating collateral impact.

RCIED Jammer

The RCIED jamming system uses the reactive jamming technology to defeat radio controlled improvised explosive devices. The RCIED jammers are available in portable, mobile and stationary versions and are used for military and homeland protection against bombs, terrorist and espionage attacks. View

Meritis Jammer

The Meritis jamming system is specially designed for drone defence systems as it provides automatic jamming of radio signals with predefined frequencies. The jammers can be stationary, mobile and portable and use advanced reactive jamming technology for higher jamming ranges and immediate interception with full power. View

Phantom Jammer

The drone jammer Eagle108 by Phantom has total output power of 375W and blocks all the radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video link. The jammer can be used for protection of different sensitive areas as it neutralizes unauthorized UAVs at distances of up to 2 km. View

Grok Mobile Gun

The GROK mobile gun is a highly affordable drone jamming device for neutralization of visually detected drones at relatively short distances. The anti-drone gun is fast to set up, it’s mobile, easily transportable and can work autonomously for 1 hour. View

Grok Jammer

The GROK drone jammer is used to neutralize drones and UAVs at large distances up to several kilometers by blocking remote control and GSNS frequency bands. The GROK jamming system can be activated automatically or manually by supervisor. The frequency bands and output power can be customized depending on the application. View
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Jamming systems represent one of the most effective tools for neutralizing drones and UAVs making them to land, crash, return to the operator as well as cancel the transfer of photos and videos from the camera installed on the drone. RCIED jammers are used for blocking explosive devices. View again
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