Concealed Threat Detection System GROK TDS 10

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Concealed Threat Detection System GROK TDS 10 is a portable, screening device that provides excellent detection of concealed bombs, person-borne explosives, suicide vests, handguns, knives and other hidden threats at a range of up to 10 meters. The detector is operated remotely, which assures a safe stand-off for the operator of the system. GROK TDS 10 operates in real time and is unaffected by environmental conditions.

The system uses ultra wide band, low power millimeter wave radio signals to detect threat objects or materials under clothing. Such benign objects as keys, wallets or smartphones present different radio signatures compared to explosives or handguns. That’s why the system is able to eliminate false alarms and alert the operator to a real threat by a color coded indicator on the display. This helps to avoid human errors as the operator doesn’t have to make a “threat/no threat” decision.

GROK TDS 10 is manually aimed towards a target subject within a 10-meter distance. This provides non-contact screening at safe stand-off ranges. A miniature video camera and advanced software allow the operator to easily identify the location of potential threats in just a few seconds.

Target subject screening is conducted in real time and doesn’t compromise the privacy of an individual as no images or anatomical details are displayed.

Main features:

  • Concealed threat detection at distances of up to 10 meters
  • Rapid threat detection in real time
  • Elimination of human error with autonomous Threat/No Threat decision
  • Operation in indoor and outdoor premises
  • Reliable detection of a wide range of threats with elimination of pocket clutter
  • Safe method of screening with no anatomical images revealed
  • Both wired and wireless remote operation between the operator and the detection system
  • Absolutely safe technology with a power output 0.1% of a typical mobile phone

System parameters:

  • Size (L x H x W) - 450mm x 250mm x 250mm
  • Weight - 2.8 kg
  • Operating temperature - from -10ºC to 45ºC
  • Input Voltage - 24V DC
  • Power consumption - 35W
  • Detection range - from 6m to 10m
  • Regulatory approvals - CE Marking

Sensor Parameters:

  • Transmit wavelength - 75-110 GHz
  • Transmit power - 2 mW
  • Beam size - 200mm at 3m, increasing to 500mm at 10m
  • Receivers - 2 direct power receivers, co- and cross-polarized

Options and Accessories:

  • Ruggedized laptop
  • Charges and batteries
  • Bespoke display
  • Touch screen subject lock
  • Integration with wider systems

If you search for a solution for hidden threat detection at larger ranges, check our advanced concealed threat detection system GROK TDS 30.

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Concealed Threat Detection System GROK TDS 10 provides rapid real-time detection of hidden threats such as explosives, handguns, knives, suicide vests, cold arms at distances of up to 10 meters. View again
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