Medium-range counter-UAV system

Medium-range counter-UAV systems include anti-drone solutions for drone detection and neutralization at distances from 1 km to 4 km.

Medium-range anti-UAV systems are used for the protection of medium-size facilities of business or government sector and include solutions for UAV detection and neutralization at distance of up to 4 km and height of up to 1 km (depends of the size of the target).

The main equipment used in the medium-range anti-drone system includes drone detection radar, video cameras, long-range video tracking system, visual command center software, computer with video analytics system for drone detection and identification as well as stationary jamming system for drone counteraction.

The medium-range anti-UAV system is highly customizable and can be enhanced with additional features that improve the system performance and efficiency. Thus, the system can be integrated with some optional equipment, such as RF detectors, perimeter surveillance radars, acoustic sensors, thermal cameras, illuminator, mobile tower (with integrated power system), mobile jamming system, pan-tilt mount, communications system, additional lighting system, anti-drone laser and drone capture net.

Our experts will integrate the most adequate medium-range system to meet the customer’s needs, requirements and budget limitations.

For UAV detection range up to 25 km, check our long-range counter-UAV system.

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