LED or cube-based video walls for display of information

SKU: AD-0128

Video Wall System

Penetration of a drone into a protected zone requires a profound analysis of mass data. The LED or cube-based video walls are used to meet the challenge of displaying information from various sources in real time.

A video wall is a large display of huge information capacity, which shows all the necessary information to the key personnel of the security service. The video wall displays the information about the type and speed of a UAV, visualizes the drone on a 3D terrain map, displays data received from video surveillance cameras, cameras of the security personnel and surveillance equipment installed in a security van.

Simultaneous display of all the information results in fast and efficient decision-making process and helps to organize meetings and consultations with remote users or services by means of a video conferencing system.

All video walls have modular architecture, which allows to create a display of any size depending on the customer requirements and the size of the available space. One of the main advantages of the videowall is scalability and the possibility of further system enhancement without replacing the existing equipment.

Our company has extensive experience in designing video walls and switching systems and distributing video information from different sources.

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Video Wall Systems

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