Acoustic sensors

DroneShield acoustic sensors with advanced detection technology are capable of sensing drones even if they are invisible to radars or lack radio-frequency links.

Acoustic sensors are used by security forces in order to identify unauthorized penetration of drones into protected zones. The sensor network provides real-time alerts as well as collection of digital evidence.

UAV detection sensors work according to the following scheme: Listening-Analysis-Identification-Alerts.

Listening: Drone detection sensors recognize unique sound signatures of different UAV types. In other words, the acoustic sensors listen to surrounding activities in real time and automatically take sound samples in case they sense UAV activity nearby.

Analysis: UAS detection sensors compare the sound samples with the acoustic signatures from the built-in database. If the match is found, the drone acoustic detection system records identifying information and issues an automatic alert.

Identification: UAV acoustic detection system has an extensive database of drone acoustic signatures, which allows to distinguish UAVs from other noise sources with high level of accuracy and low level of false alarms.

Alerts: Instantaneous drone threat alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, existing video systems or incident management systems as well as visual interface with real-time reflection of surrounding acoustic activities.

DroneShield user interface assures high accuracy of UAV acoustic detection through continuous monitoring of nearby drone activity. The browser-based audio and visual interface helps the user not only to view, but also to control drone detection activities, as it delivers real-time readings from drone acoustic detection devices. The interface provides all necessary system data and alerts, while response is coordinated via distribution lists controlled by the user.

The interface can be accessed from mobile device portals or standard web browsers. The system of drone detection sensors is very flexible and thanks to the remote access to the sensor network the user can listen to sensor audio, check different statuses, configure the system operation and respond to threat alerts from absolutely anywhere.

Acoustic sensors used in combination with drone detection radars and perimeter surveillance radars guarantee the maximum protection of the site.

Main benefits of drone acoustic detection devices:

  • Live monitoring of surrounding activities and instant threat alerts
  • Fast and easy integration with other security systems
  • Price affordability: from single-sensor residential protection to sensor networks for enterprise-level installations
  • User-friendly interface with remote access
  • Detection of UAVs with lack of radio-frequency links or invisible to radars


  • Private residences
  • Airports
  • Industrial premises
  • Prisons
  • Power stations
  • Border Control
  • Military bases
  • Strategic sites

DroneShield UAV detection sensors are represented by two types of acoustic sensors:

Long-range acoustic sensors

DroneShield long-range sensors for UAV acoustic detection provide extended ranges of accurate drone detection. These sensors are ideal for industrial installations and are suitable for operation in all weather conditions. View

Omnidirectional acoustic sensors

DroneShield omnidirectional sensors for drone acoustic detection provide 180-degree range, allow discreet installations thanks to inconspicuous design, have filters for environmental noise elimination and can operate in all weather conditions. View
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Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic Sensors

DroneShield acoustic sensors use an advanced UAV detection technology with an extensive database of UAV acoustic signatures, which allows to sense drones invisible to radars or with lack of radio-frequency links. View again
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