Phantom Drone Jammer Eagle 108

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Phantom Technologies LTD specializes in the manufacturing of high-end jamming systems using the most advanced components and technologies.

One of the most famous products of the company is the drone jammer Eagle108. This drone jammer was specially designed to neutralize drones, quadcopters and other UAVs entering protected zones.

This drone jamming system uses an array of directional antennas to scan for drones. Whenever the system detects a threat it sends an automatic command to the jamming unit. The jammer blocks all the radio communication channels, including video link and GPS signals.

The system is able to accurately detect the direction of the drone and transmit a specific beam directly to the UAV. When this happens, the UAV loses communication with the drone operator.

The system has a user-friendly interface, which displays the detection azimuth and the status of jamming. Thanks to the advanced drone jamming technologies used in the system the operating range reaches up to 2 km.

This is a perfect UAV jamming system for a wide range of sensitive and protected areas, including prisons, military bases, power plants, oil refineries, etc.

Jamming frequency ranges:

Frequency bands

27-72 MHz

400-470 MHz

900-1,200 MHz

1,150-1,350 MHz

1,350-1,650 MHz

2,400-2,483 MHz

5,000-5,900 MHz

Air Interface Standards

Digital: GPS, ISM, WiFi & Video

Technical specifications:


3 x 19"/4U – Total 19" x 12U

Total Output Power



External Directional and Omni-Directional Antenna

Power Supply


Internal Modulation

FM Hopping Frequency & White Noise

Modules Per Unit


Signal Source

DDS & PLL synthesized

Operating Temp

From -20ºC to +65ºC





Remote Control

TCP/IP Protocol

Mil Spec Standard

MIL- STD- 810F

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The drone jammer Eagle108 by Phantom has total output power of 375W and blocks all the radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video link. The jammer can be used for protection of different sensitive areas as it neutralizes unauthorized UAVs at distances of up to 2 km. View again
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