System of video collection, transmission and management for security services and law enforcement agencies

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SKU: AD-0127

System of video collection, transmission and management for security services and law enforcement agencies

The principal task in addressing the incident involving penetration of drones into secure perimeters is detection and neutralization of the drone operator. The video collection and transmission system sends the relevant information to the Control Center and helps to efficiently manage the special response team in real time. The system is used to record all the actions of both the security staff and the offender and provides the evidence base, if the further investigation of the incident circumstances is required. The video acquisition and distribution system provides real-time closed video communication between the security staff and the Mobile Response Vehicle with the Situation Center.

All the information from the video broadcast system is immediately displayed in Grok Visual Command Center along with the technical information about the intruding drone size, speed and estimated time of reaching the protected zone. This significantly helps in the decision-making process, especially when certain decisions have to be taken in a very short time. Using a Video Wall with significant data capacity in the Control/Situation Center helps to present all the necessary information to the people in charge and assist them in taking a prompt decision and controlling its execution.

Video is broadcast to the security system command center via a concealed mobile device, a car kit of the response vehicle, smartphones or tablets with specially installed software. The system can use open channels such as 3G / 4G / WiFi / Ethernet / Satellite and create its own MIMO Mesh network using AES256 encryption and proprietary codec for video and audio signal broadcasting. This allows transmitting information anywhere providing stable image of high quality even at low bandwidth. It’s also possible to organize the simultaneous broadcasting through multiple channels to ensure the system stability and security and eliminate the possibility of information interception by third parties.

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