Special response vehicle

One of the most critical and effective solutions to eliminate threats from UAVs is finding and capturing the drone operator. Even after neutralization of a drone by means of a jamming or interception system, identifying the drone operator is still among high-priority tasks for the security personnel. 

The special response vehicle can be customized according to the customer’s needs and integrated with different typed of anti-drone and security equipment and solutions.

In most cases special response vehicle can include the following: mobile van, RF detector, long-range video tracking system, thermal camera, multi frequency jamming system, visual command center software, long range acoustic device, periscope, video enhancement and analysis software, video acquisition and distribution system, concealed weapons and explosives detection system.

Special response vehicle can be equipped with RF analyzer system, which allows to determine the direction of the signal source. Secured video intercommunication system allows the security service to keep real-time contact with the command center and make a video recording of the actions of the security personnel. The jamming system allows not only to jam the UAV control signals, but also to block the entire RF frequency spectrum, which prevents remote activation of any radio controlled improvised explosive devices. Long range acoustic device is used to warn the intruder about his illegal actions and, if necessary, distract him from controlling a UAV, which provides the security personnel with additional time for response actions. Concealed threat detection system allows to remotely scan the intruder for explosives or weapons. Special software for geolocation data analysis allows to quickly analyze the video recorded by a UAV and immediately obtain a list of possible targets of the offender.

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