Our company has a wide experience of working with different kinds of security equipment. We understand the challenges of our customers and offer additional security solutions to enhance our anti-drone systems with more features and assure complete protection of any installation or location.

Our additional security solutions include specially developed software for visual command center, software for geolocation data analysis and video processing, video acquisition and distribution systems, long range acoustic devices and concealed threat detection systems.

We also offer a variety of value-added services including design consulting, maintenance plans, security training and implementation of related IT infrastructure and communications networks. 

RCIED Jammer

The RCIED jamming system uses the reactive jamming technology to defeat radio controlled improvised explosive devices. The RCIED jammers are available in portable, mobile and stationary versions and are used for military and homeland protection against bombs, terrorist and espionage attacks. View
Grok Visual Command Center

Grok Visual Command Center

Grok Visual Command Center is an advanced software solution for extremely accurate, high-performance analysis and visualization of both dynamic and static spatial data in anti-drone systems of crucial importance. View
Special response vehicle GROK-CMC Mobile Security Van

Mobile Security Van

Mobile security van GROK-CMC is used by security services as a special response vehicle with control center. The security van is used for concealed monitoring, detection and neutralization of drones, location of a drone operator, detection of concealed threats in the form of weapons or explosives. View
IT infrastructure, communications network, power supply system, wireless mesh networks. IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Our company offer engineering services for installation of anti-drone systems with related IT infrastructure, power supply systems, air conditioning systems, communications networks and high-performance networks based on the wireless multi-frequency solutions. View
LED or cube-based video walls for display of information Video Wall Systems

Video Wall Systems

Video walls are big displays installed in Control Centers and used to display information about type, speed and location of drones. Video walls receive information in real time from surveillance cameras, security personnel cameras and other surveillance equipment installed in special response vehicles. View
System of video collection, transmission and management for security services and law enforcement agencies Video Acquisition and Distribution

Video Acquisition and Distribution

Video acquisition and distribution system helps security services to collect, transmit and manage information in real time. It provides closed communication between security staff and Special Response Vehicle and/or Situation Center. View
Concealed Threat Detection System GROK TDS GROK Threat Detection System

GROK Threat Detection System

Hidden Threat Detection System GROK TDS assures fast and reliable detection of concealed threats such as guns, explosive devices, non-metallic hidden objects discriminating pocket clutter such as mobile phones and keys. View
Software for Geolocation Data Analysis and Video  Processing (Cognitech Drone Suite) Video Enhancement and Analysis Software

Video Enhancement and Analysis Software

Cognitech Drone Suite is special software for video processing and geolocation data analysis. It is used to retrieve data recorded by the drone´s camera and identify all the facilities and objects under unauthorized observation. View
Last viewed products:
Perimeter Surveillance Radars

Perimeter Surveillance Radars

SpotterRF Perimeter Surveillance Radars are used for perimeter protection of strategic sites, security installations, vital infrastructure. Perimeter surveillance radar systems detect unauthorized vehicles, people or drones approaching the protected zone perimeter. View again
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