Drone Surveillance Radars

“Anti-Drone” is an innovative complex UAV detection and neutralization system, that includes all the necessary equipment to detect, identify, track and neutralize threats resulting from unauthorized penetration of drones into protected zones.

The main component of the integrated "Anti-Drone" system is the drone detection radar, which assures accurate and reliable detection, identification and tracking of drones, RCI aircrafts, copters, quadcopters, helicopters, etc. crossing the perimeter of secure facilities.

Our company provides customized anti-UAV systems with different models of UAV detection radars. Our anti-drone radars have different technical specifications and performance characteristics, which helps us to integrate the most suitable counter-drone radar into the “Anti-Drone” system and meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

The choice of the most appropriate drone surveillance radar will depend on many aspects, including the detection range requirements and the location, size and type of the facility that has to be protected (industrial facilities, airports, public venues, border monitoring areas, strategic installation, etc.).

Our Anti-UAV defence systems can be equipped with the following drone surveillance radar systems:

GROK Drone Detection Radar

GROK drone surveillance radar provides automatic detection and tracking of multiple UAVs and is available in two versions: GROK Ku-band UAV detection radar and GROK X-band UAV detection radar with detection range of 2-4 km for micro UAVs. View

HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar

Harrier drone surveillance radar is the most sensitive long-range UAV detection radar with the highest level of performance and the most extended drone and micro UAV detection range of 4-6 km even in high clutter environments. View
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Drone Surveillance Radars

Drone Surveillance Radars

Customized “Anti-Drone” systems can be equipped with different types of drone detection radars, which depends on drone detection range requirements and size, location and type of secure facilities. View again
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