Our company offers a wide range of anti-drone equipment of the world's leading manufacturers. We integrate complex UAV detection and neutralization systems using the most advanced radars, acoustic sensors, radio-electronic equipment for detection of any type of UAVs as well as jamming and interception systems for taking control over commercial drones.

Currently, if existing anti-drone products are used alone, they do not provide 100% protection from drones. Nevertheless, the integration of different kinds of detection and counteraction equipment ensures complete security and eliminates the drawbacks inherent in standalone products and technologies.

Installation of counter-UAV systems allows to prevent possible accidents caused by UAVs and eliminate threats of covert surveillance, collision with vehicles and transportation of contraband goods or dangerous substances to secured premises and protected zones.

Our company is ready to offer best-in-class anti-UAV equipment, audit and analyze sites that have to be protected and supply the most appropriate complex integrated anti-drone systems. 

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