Taking into account growing popularity, advanced features and inconspicuous design of modern drones, detection becomes the first step in guarding against them.

Our company offers a wide portfolio of different solutions for drone detection based on different technologies: radar detection, audio detection, radio frequency detection, video detection, thermal detection.

The product line of drone detection equipment includes radars systems, acoustic sensors, RF detectors, video and thermal cameras with different technical features and performance capabilities.

These drone detection solutions can be used separately or can be combined in order to provide full protection and meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

SpotterRF radars systems for perimeter surveillance Perimeter Surveillance Radars

Perimeter Surveillance Radars

SpotterRF Perimeter Surveillance Radars are used for perimeter protection of strategic sites, security installations, vital infrastructure. Perimeter surveillance radar systems detect unauthorized vehicles, people or drones approaching the protected zone perimeter. View
DroneShield sensors for UAV acoustic detection Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic Sensors

DroneShield acoustic sensors use an advanced UAV detection technology with an extensive database of UAV acoustic signatures, which allows to sense drones invisible to radars or with lack of radio-frequency links. View
Infrared and Video Surveillance Systems for area monitoring and  security Infrared and Video Surveillance Systems

Infrared and Video Surveillance Systems

Infrared and Surveillance systems could be used in various spheres, like border control, perimeter security, land/sea observation and monitoring. Providing high zoom camera view, 360 degree rotation platforms, those systems is a must have for every object or perimeter security. View
Grok RF drone operator finder. GROK RF radio frequency scanner RF Detectors

RF Detectors

The GROK Radio Frequency scanner is used to scan radio frequencies nearby, to locate the drone and the drone (UAV) operator. Each drone and transmitter has own channels and frequency bands. GROK RF is programmed to scan, analyze and detect the Radio frequency bands from the drone (UAV) or drone operator. View
Radar systems for drone detection, identification and tracking. Drone Surveillance Radars

Drone Surveillance Radars

Customized “Anti-Drone” systems can be equipped with different types of drone detection radars, which depends on drone detection range requirements and size, location and type of secure facilities. View
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