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Meritis Jammer

The Meritis jamming system is specially designed for drone defence systems as it provides automatic jamming of radio signals with predefined frequencies. The jammers can be stationary, mobile and portable and use advanced reactive jamming technology for higher jamming ranges and immediate interception with full power. View again

Phantom Jammer

The drone jammer Eagle108 by Phantom has total output power of 375W and blocks all the radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video link. The jammer can be used for protection of different sensitive areas as it neutralizes unauthorized UAVs at distances of up to 2 km. View again

Grok Jammer

The GROK drone jammer is used to neutralize drones and UAVs at large distances up to several kilometers by blocking remote control and GSNS frequency bands. The GROK jamming system can be activated automatically or manually by supervisor. The frequency bands and output power can be customized depending on the application. View again

Long-range acoustic sensors

DroneShield long-range sensors for UAV acoustic detection provide extended ranges of accurate drone detection. These sensors are ideal for industrial installations and are suitable for operation in all weather conditions. View again
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