Software for Geolocation Data Analysis and Video  Processing (Cognitech Drone Suite)

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Software for Geolocation Data Analysis and Video Processing (Cognitech Drone Suite)

After the security team registers unauthorized penetration into the secure zone and detects the drone operator, the key challenge is to quickly analyze the threat level and assess whether the incident has a malicious nature. Depending on this analysis and assessment further actions can be undertaken, but the key factor is the promptness in solving the issue.

Software Cognitech Drone Suite provides a unique capability to quickly retrieve data from the drone's camera and display a list of companies and facilities that have been recorded by the drone’s camera. This allows the security team to assess the threat level and get a list of objects, recorded for collection of sensitive information. This data helps to  make a decision regarding the further detention of the drone operator. It also helps to assess which other sites and companies can be at risk or compromised.

Another unique feature of Cognitech Drone Suite is that the analysis of the video, recorded with the UAV’s camera,  is not made on the basis of the geolocation data (not just GPS coordinates), which gives a more adequate assessment of the situation and assures more accurate identification of the object under unauthorized observation and monitoring.

Modern professional video cameras installed on UAVs provide covert surveillance at a considerable distance, while optical and digital zooms allow the drone to make a detailed video without the necessity to be in the close proximity to the object of observation. Thus, if only GPS coordinates are used for the drone flight analysis, the lack of information about the real object of surveillance will result in high probability of error and inability to quickly and accurately identify the targets of the offender.

Cognitech Drone Suite has a wide range of features and filters to improve the video quality. For example, it provides advanced recognition of people’s faces or license plates, improves underexposed or overexposed parts of the video and so on.

The advanced video registration technology can work across different sensor types, including Thermal, Visible Light, Infra Red, LiDar and Ladar in order to provide Each-Pixel-GPS video. Moreover, it explores intrinsic geometrical structures embedded within the image data. Individual frames of video can be assembled into a composite geo-referenced 2D geotiff mosaic map of the surveyed area. At the same time it's possible to generate geo-referenced 3D digital elevation models that include accurate sub pixel GPS coordinates.

The main software features include auto camera calibration, super resolution, automatic processing, IMU/GPS meta data, clickable GPS coordinates from video, GPS tracking from video, photogrammetry, accurate measurements of targets and objects, creation of 2D and 3D mosaic Geotiff images for critical command decisions. Thus software Cognitech Drone Suite significantly extends functionality of the GROK Visual Command Center.

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