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SKU: AD-0139

Grok Visual Command Center

Grok Visual Command Center is an advanced software solution for extremely accurate, high-performance analysis and visualization of both dynamic and static spatial data in anti-drone systems of crucial importance.

Thanks to the Grok Visual Command Center the user of the application gets an instant overview of the secured area surroundings, be it industrial premises, government buildings, military bases or private property.

Grok Visual Command Center allows aggregating information from different systems within a single interface and makes it possible to visualize the operating range of all the systems used for perimeter security. The application provides 3D map visualization of various data, including UAV flight velocity, estimated time of reaching the secure perimeter, radar coverage, jammer coverage, signal interception system coverage, possible location of the drone operator in the place of the initial registration of the UAV path.

  • Main features of Grok Visual Command Center
  • Grok Visual Command Center Editing Options
  • 3D map based on Bing Maps background data and availability of additional data layers including terrain, street maps, 3D buildings, vegetation and custom shapes.
  • Display of sensor locations and sensor coverage areas
  • Display of safety zones predefined by the customer
  • Display of all known UAV properties and  real-time positioning of multiple UAVs and potential UAV operators.
  • Possibility to zoom in, zoom out, pan, and switch between 2D and 3D.

When a user selects an object (e.g. UAV, radar, sensor, jammer, etc) he can view a table with all the available properties of this object. Whenever an object enters one of the safety zones, both an audio and  visual alarm is raised to trigger the operator's attention. This alarm is automatically disabled when the intruding object is no longer detected in these safety zones, which functionally serves two main purposes:

  • Possibility to check the current setup of sensors, radars, jammers and their sufficiency to protect the area (safety zones dimensions versus sensor coverage areas).
  • Real-time overview of the location of drones and  their operators.

The user has following editing options available:

  • Draw simplified buildings (if the 3D data is not available) by defining circles, polygons and extruded bounds. The opaque styling will be used to display buildings.                 
  • Draw safety areas around buildings or custom shapes representing buildings. The transparent styling will be used to display safety areas.
  • Add sensors: a user can directly drag & drop a new sensor onto the map at a given (lon/lat) location.
  • Configure sensors: when a user selects a sensor, the editing handles for both the coverage area and the sensor location will become available, while all the relevant parameters will be displayed in a Details Pane:

— Range: the range of the sensor, in meters

— Height: the height of the sensor above the ground, in meters

— Detection radius: the detection radius of the sensor, in degrees

— Orientation: the initial orientation of the sensor, in degrees

Remove safety zones, 3D shapes, sensors: when a user has one of these objects selected, he can simply click the Delete button to delete it.

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