Grok RF drone operator finder. GROK RF radio frequency scanner

The GROK RF is a man- portable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, developed to capture and analyze signal transmissions.

GROK RF Analyzer scans 20GHz in less than 20mS, which makes it very fast drone operator detection system.

The easy to use software is suited for detecting unknown or illegal transmissions across a wide frequency range. The GROK RF allows storing several hours of real-time data. Once recorded the entire measurement data can be re-loaded into the software. The optional I/Q Generator allow generating the recorded signals 1:1 up to 6GHz.

GROK RF features allow a deep investigation of the Real-Time measurement or recorded data, like 3D Spectrogram view which displays a signal like newer seen before.

With this Spectrum Analyzer you can master all the challenges. It provides a powerful, extremely impact resistant Outdoor notebook and a high-end spectrum analyzer in one compact device. The GROK RF meets the MIL-STD- 810G, IP65 and MIL-STD- 461F standards.

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RF Detectors

The GROK Radio Frequency scanner is used to scan radio frequencies nearby, to locate the drone and the drone (UAV) operator. Each drone and transmitter has own channels and frequency bands. GROK RF is programmed to scan, analyze and detect the Radio frequency bands from the drone (UAV) or drone operator. View again
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