Meritis UAV jammer for drone defence systems.

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The threats caused by drones carrying video cameras, explosives, weapons, etc. require relevant counter measures. The Meritis jammers are specially designed to be used in drone defence systems. They are able to automatically detect radio signals with a predefined frequency in a security perimeter.

The drone jammer can be customized to define No Drone Fly Zones. When a UAV approaches a critical infrastructure or violates the privacy of private premises, the jammer is immediately and automatically activated to jam detected frequencies of a potential threat.

The UAV jammers are capable of jamming drone signals of all commercially available UAVs and quadcopters. At the same time these drone jammers can be customized to jam the specific frequencies based on end user’s requirements.

The jamming system is very flexible and is suitable for a wide range of applications as it is available as a standard or a tailor made solution.

The applications of the Meritis anti-drone jammers include:

  • Airports and airfields
  • Utility infrastructure and power stations
  • Private property and palaces
  • Prisons
  • Events, conferences, competitions
  • Demonstrations and public appearances
  • Skyscrapers and prestige buildings
  • Ships and yachts
  • SWAT interventions

The drone jamming systems are available in two versions: civil (with 2 frequencies) and military (with 6 frequencies).

There are 4 main models of the Meritis anti-UAV jamming systems:

  • Portable
  • Mobile (car mounted)
  • Stationary  (standard)
  • Stationary  (large)

One of the main advantages of the Meritis anti-drone jammers is an advanced UAV jamming technology. The jamming system has a superior performance due to the reactive jamming technology, which provides 10 times higher jamming range in comparison with active jamming systems. While jamming systems operating only with an active mode have to split the overall power capabilities, the reactive jamming system is able to intercept the whole traffic (including the encoded signals) within milliseconds and with the full available power.

The technology of reactive jamming is also used in RCIED jammers that are capable of defeating remote controlled improvised explosive devises.

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The Meritis jamming system is specially designed for drone defence systems as it provides automatic jamming of radio signals with predefined frequencies. The jammers can be stationary, mobile and portable and use advanced reactive jamming technology for higher jamming ranges and immediate interception with full power. View again
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