Mini-range counter-UAV system

Mini-range counter UAV systems can be used for protection of relatively small installations or when the requirements to drone detection are not very demanding. The system includes the minimum set of equipment for detection of UAVs at short distances that do not exceed 200 meters.

The mini anti-drone system includes a server, video cameras (the quantity may vary from 4 cameras for separately situated buildings to up to 32 cameras for large installations, for example, football stadiums) as well as proprietary software.

The software is based on special algorithms that help to identify drones and distinguish them from birds to minimize false alarms.

The system provides 24/7 perimeter monitoring and whenever a drone is detected it sends an alert by SMS or an application installed on the mobile devices of the security personnel.

Optionally, it’s possible to use the system with a perimeter surveillance radar. In this case, only one surveillance camera is needed. The radar provides the coordinates of the target, the camera points at it and the software determines whether it’s a drone, a bird or any other object.

While it’s highly recommendable to use the cameras supplied by our company, the mini anti-drone system can also be integrated with the existing cameras of the customer.

The mini anti-UAV system can be upgraded and optionally used together with RF detectors (like DroneWatcher) to detect the drone control signals.

For drone detection range up to 1 km, check our small-range counter-UAV system.

  • Main System Components
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