Remote controlled improvised explosive devices jammer

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The RCIED jammer is based on the advanced technology of reactive jamming and is specially designed to defeat Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs).

The RCIED jamming systems meet challenges from hostile conditions and are characterized by nonstop operating capabilities, rapid field installation and disassembly.

The innovative technology of reactive jamming guarantees the highest level of efficiency for radio signal detection and disruption in real time in both urban and suburban areas.

The wideband RCIED jammers are activated within milliseconds and assure 100% protection against radio controlled improvised explosive devices.

Nowadays different kinds of transmitters, radios and even mobile phones can be used to remote control bombs and other explosives. All of them have different characteristics of channel size, modulation and output power. That’s why it is crucial that the jamming signal is created and adapted individually and covers each radio frequency waveform precisely. In other words the design and software of the RCIED jamming systems should provide the ability to create jamming signals without any limit, which means that any modulations or adapted RF waveforms can be generated.

The RCIED jammers have extended programming features, they are fast to set up and easy to use, have external batteries for autonomous operation and can be easily transportable.

The main advantage of the RCIED jammers is programmable signal generation that assures precious adaption to the different adversarial signals.

The RCIED jammer is available in different versions:

  • stationary
  • mobile (vehicle mounted, trolley mounted, trunk mounted, transportable pelicase)
  • portable (manpack)

The RCIED jamming systems provide reliable protection of critical infrastructure and are widely used for homeland and military protection, especially against espionage and military attacks.

The RCIED jammers can be used together with drone jammers as part of anti-drone systems providing full protection against threats represented by UAVs carrying explosive devices.

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RCIED Jammer

The RCIED jamming system uses the reactive jamming technology to defeat radio controlled improvised explosive devices. The RCIED jammers are available in portable, mobile and stationary versions and are used for military and homeland protection against bombs, terrorist and espionage attacks. View again
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