Grok anti-drone gun. Grok anti-drone rifle.

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SKU: AD-0151


The GROK mobile gun is an ideal anti-drone rifle that can be used when UAVs and drones are visually detected. The anti-drone rifle is easy to set up and it helps to neutralize threats within seconds.

The drone can be tracked even at long distances through a special binocular. When the UAV is located, the rifle and its mounted directional antennas with horizontal and vertical polarization are pointed towards the approaching drone and immediately block it. 

The GROK anti-drone rifle is housed inside a pelicase convertible into a manpack, which makes it easily transportable. Thanks to the rechargeable Lithium-lon Polymer batteries the anti-UAV gun provides autonomous operation for up to 1 hour of continuous jamming.

The jamming signal of the GROK anti-UAV rifle covers all standard drone remote control frequencies. The drone rifle can also jam Global Satellite Navigation System (GSNS) signal applied by UAVs, which are programmed to reach their destination by autopilot. 

The anti-drone gun can be set up within a few seconds and neutralize unauthorized UAVs at distances from 100 meters to several kilometers.

The anti-drone rifle can be used for the protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, government premises, nuclear power plants and so on. It is also an ideal anti-drone weapon for homeland and military security as well as border protection. This anti-drone rifle proved to be very effective against espionage attacks and smuggling weapons, drugs and mobile phones to prisons.

Main features:

  • Fast and easy to set up and use
  • Frequency coverage of all commercially available drones
  • GSNS jamming
  • Capability to neutralize drones at distances of up to several km
  • Variable output power
  • Precise jamming direction to avoid collateral damages
  • High gain directional antennas with horizontal  and vertical polarization
  • Easily transportable
  • 1 hour autonomous operation (continuous jamming)

Frequency bands and output power of the GROK anti-drone gun:

Frequency bands/Output power*:

*Frequency bands output power is customizable

GSNS, 25 W or 50 W

(GPS, SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo ready)

868 870 MHz, 902 928 MHz, 25 W or 50 W (option)

430 440 MHz, 459-461 MHz, 25 W or 50 W (option)

WiMAX 5.7 GHz, 5700 5800 MHz, 12 W or 40W (option)

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 2400 2490 MHz, 25 W or 50W

While Grok mobile gun is an ideal solution for neutralization of visually detected drones at comparatively short distances, our GROK drone jammer represents the advanced jamming system with outstanding technical features for continuous jamming at long distances. 

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