Long-range solid-state Doppler drone surveillance radar

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HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar

DeTect’s HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar is the most sensitive drone radar system with the most extended detection range of all the drone detection radars presented on the market today.

This long-range drone surveillance radar is based on the innovative proprietary technology developed specifically for reliable and accurate detection, identification and tracking of small, non-linearly moving, low radar cross section targets, which assures the highest level of performance for detection of drones and UAVs even in high clutter environments.

This drone detection radar system uses advanced solid-state Doppler radar that is capable of detecting small GPS programmed and non-RF drones at distances of up to 6 km.

The anti-drone radar is based on signal intelligence and innovative radar technologies, which are scalable to meet each user’s requirements for specific levels of security and upgradable to confront continually evolving threats caused by new drone’s capabilities.

This drone radar system is characterized by significantly increased performance, lower maintenance costs and longer useful life. It includes an advanced proprietary data system for real-time UAV classification and rejection of false targets like birds.

The drone detection radar system alerts perimeter intrusions by water and air and is able to detect multiple types of intruders simultaneously: drones, sUAVs, ultralights, aircraft, boats and ships approaching restricted zones or secure facilities’ perimeters.

Whenever a drone enters the pre-defined monitoring and alarm zones, secure forces are alerted by automated audible and visual notifications by email, SMS or at remote monitoring stations.

This drone radar system has both fixed and mobile configurations that can be networked to cover large areas such as coastlines, border crossings, strategic installations and large facilities.

The drone surveillance radar proves exceptional performance with extended detection ranges for drones of different sizes:

  • Micro UAVs (DJ Phantom class)  — 4-6 km
  • Medium (Raven class)  — 7-11 km
  • Large (Global Hawk class)  —  26-48 km

The drone detection performance of the Harrier drone surveillance radar can be significantly increased by using Video Surveillance Systems, RF Detectors and UAV Detection Sensors

  • Main features
  • Advantages
  • Applications include

Main features of the drone detection radar:

  • 360-degree area coverage
  • Detection of sUAVs/sUASs at distances of up to 6 km
  • Intrusion detection and perimeter protection by air, on land and on water
  • Drone type classification (UAVs, UASs, RCI aircrafts, copters, quadcopters, helicopters, etc.)
  • Detection of non-drones (birds) and elimination of false alarms
  • Automatic operation with user programmable intrusion perimeters and alert zones
  • Audible and visual intrusion alarms (with optional notification by email or SMS)
  • Real time track plotting
  • Identification of each target by size, speed, position and heading
  • Remote control for multiple users
  • Real time display to mobile and wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Panoramic camera integration and site-specific maps with mobile mapping technology
  • Integration with other perimeter protection systems, video cameras, thermal cameras, long range acoustic devices, jammers, etc.
  • Compatibility with other display and security systems
  • Fixed Mount and Trailer installation configurations

Advantages of Harrier drone surveillance radar:

  • Reliable perimeter protection system based on the professional radar
  • Capability to classify drone types
  • 360-degree coverage with the detection of drones at distances up to 16 km
  • Capability to protect various sites, facilities and activities with a single mobile system
  • Tracking of drones by location, motion path, size and speed
  • Automatic activation of deterrents and protective devices to eliminate the hazard
  • Technology of automatic birds recognition to minimize false alarms¬†

UAV detection radar applications include:

  • Government, public and industrial facilities
  • Military airfields and civil aviation airports
  • Industrial and power plants
  • High security facilities
  • Ports, waterways and coastlines
  • State borders and border monitoring areas
  • Race tracks and circuits, stadiums and other sport venues
  • Public venues
  • Gap filler radars
  • Protection of VIPs
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HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar

Harrier drone surveillance radar is the most sensitive long-range UAV detection radar with the highest level of performance and the most extended drone and micro UAV detection range of 4-6 km even in high clutter environments. View again
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