Omnidirectional sensors for drone acoustic detection.

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Omnidirectional acoustic sensors

DroneShield omnidirectional sensors provide full-range drone detection with 180-degree coverage of surrounding acoustic activities. The omnidirectional microphone has small size and can be installed inconspicuously thanks to multiple color options.

Omnidirectional sensors assure advanced warning of drones via acoustic sensor unit with concealable and detachable microphone. The sensor body can be easily concealed or buried nearby.

Omnidirectional UAV detection sensors are designed to be used in all weather conditions and they represent an ideal drone detection solution for urban and suburban environments. All omnidirectional sensors can be configured remotely and allow to distinguish drone activity from other common noise sources.

The user can receive the information about drone type, flight zone and digital evidence. The output options include mobile alerts (audible phone calls or SMS), IP-based alerts (via email, XML/JSON) and radio frequency audible alerts.

Databases of acoustic signatures include the following types of UAVs:

• Hobbyist: RC helicopters, quadcopters (DJI Phantom, AR Parrot)

• Commercial: octocopters (CineStar8, DJI S1000), hexacopters (DJI S800, CineStar6)

• Military: gas powered drones (AeroVironment Puma AE, Insitu ScanEagle)

Main advantages of omnidirectional sensors:

  • Discreet installations thanks to simple inconspicuous design
  • Full-range UAV detection with 180-degree range
  • Weather-resistant design with high accuracy of drone detection in any weather conditions
  • Special filters to distinguish and eliminate common environmental noises
  • Possibility of remote configuration with special User Interface

There are two versions of omnidirectional sensors for UAV detection: DroneShield v1.4 and DroneShield v2. Their main difference is the range of drone detection.

Omnidirectional sensor DroneShield v1.4 can detect small drones at the following distances:

  • Urban environment - 25-50m
  • Suburban environment -  50-100m
  • Rural environment - 100-150m

Omnidirectional sensor DroneShield v2 can detect small drones at the following distances:

  • Suburban environment, small drone: 150m
  • Parabolic microphone (optional): 1 km
  • Gas powered drones: >5km

Main parameters of omnidirectional sensors for UAS detection:



• Sensor body: 22cm x 15cm x 6cm

• Microphone: 13cm x 8cm x 10cm

• Weight: 3.6kg

Power and Communications


• 12-48VDC, PoE, or 120v/240vAC power

• Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, dry contact relays, XML/JSON


Installation and Environment

• Installation time: approximately 1 hour per sensor

• Operating temperature: -40⁰C to +70⁰C

• Designed to IP65 of IEC529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12, and 13 specifications.

• Mounts to wall or panel with #10 size screws

• Electric Magnetic Compatibility: Complies with BS EN50081-1 and EN50082-1




12 months from date of installation


Routine inspection and quarterly remote database updates

Omnidirectional acoustic sensors can be complemented with long-range acoustic sensors for far-reaching drone detection.

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Omnidirectional acoustic sensors

DroneShield omnidirectional sensors for drone acoustic detection provide 180-degree range, allow discreet installations thanks to inconspicuous design, have filters for environmental noise elimination and can operate in all weather conditions. View again
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