Video survelliance step into the future: from military to commercial use

Not a secret, that video survelliance is not anymore a prerogative of the strategic military objects or high security objects. Technology development in past 10 years made survelliance system affordable to the wide range of customers accross the world starting from the small companies and shops to private customers.

There are plenty of video survelliance system producers around the world, with wide range options, resolutions and pricing.

2016 is likely to see the continuation of several long-term trends in the video surveillance market. They include the move from standard-definition (SD) analog equipment to high-definition (HD) CCTV and network equipment, aggressive price competition, further consolidation of the supply base.

The world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by over 7% in 2016. However, the total market is made up of many different products, end-user sectors, and geographic regions. Some markets will grow much faster than others. As regards products, the markets for HD CCTV cameras, and boxed appliance recorders will grow rapidly. As regards end-users, investment in city surveillance spending is likely to be fueled by counter-terrorism initiatives.

Terrorist attacks, growing cases of border illeagal crossing highlighted the critical role of video surveillance in tracing criminals and terrorists. Standard survelliance cameras could not cover large areas,  espettially for border control or large objects. One of thesulution could be to increase he number of cameras, but it has negative impact on budget and secrecy. As an example most cameras installed around perimeter coudl be seen by intruders, and it makes the negative effect, because it has been clearly understandable where cameras are and where they are not.

So if we are speaking about new market trends for large and critical object protection, there is a need for long range high zoom cameras, which could operate in various weather conditions (fog, rain, snow). Very often, even if survelliance cameras spotted illeagal acts made by intruders, it is quite hard to identify the face of the criminals, or read the vehicle number plates. This makes survelliance camera useless in that case. So basic requirements for modern cameras are high definition images, high sensitivity (night mode) and ability to move 180-360 degrees to cover greater area.

If we are speaking about big areas, like military bases, critical infrastructure objects like airports, oil refiniries, powerplants, the requirement is a high zoom without lossing image quality.  High zoom long distance cameras also allow to save costs for mounting, because using high definition long distance cameras it is possible to reduce the number of cameras installed.

Border control is one of the perspective areas where long distance cameras is the only one reasonable solution. Borders could be 100-200 and 500 km long, and to cover this area, using standard cameras it is almost impossible to offer a solution, because the price will be astronomic.

Here is the case where Long range survelliance cameras takes unconditional victory. Of course there are military solutions in survelliance sphere, and long range cameras were awailable a long time ago, but they are mostly where used in top secret military bases and the cost was extremely high. So now, military technologies are available for wide range of customers, providing various products for every budget.

Let’s take a look at successful commercial product which is one of the best in the market. COHU HD.

CohuHD™ is a leading manufacturer with 50 year history of high-definition video surveillance camera systems designed for the performance requirements associated with critical infrastructure applications.

COHU HD offers to customers various solutions for different purposes and object size.

Products are divided in groups:

RISE series: Rugged IP, Analog and Hybrid Video Cameras

Helios™ Rugged IP Video Cameras

I-Series Analog Video Surveillance Cameras

Specialty Cameras: Long-range, thermal, dual head and low-light video surveillance cameras


Let’s review the Long-range camera 8800HD.


CohuHD’s 8800HD series combines full HD image resolution with high powered HD performance lens optics for delivering unprecedented image quality and detail for long range surveillance applications in the visible spectrum.


By comparison, CohuHD’s 8800HD series can deliver up to six times the resolution and detail of traditional standard definition long range camera systems. It is quite impressive, that ultra long distance camera could zoom objects located 30-60 km far away.

Up to 60 km zoom distance with COHUHD 8800


In addition to the superior image quality and excellent long range zoom optic capabilities, the 8800HD series delivers video across standard network infrastructures, with H.264 image compression technology using fractions of the bandwidth traditional MPEG4 or MJPEG requires.


Long range surveillance is achieved by the integrated HD quality zoom lens optics, with focal range options of 12 mm to 660 mm or 16.7 to 1,000 mm.

The 8800HD provides a full function web server, allowing complete administrative and operator control capabilities. Administrative features include configuring network settings, user password assignments, setting video and streaming properties, defining camera positioning presets/tours, assigning camera ID labels.


The 8800HD is designed to operate in extreme weather, with its IP67 sealed and pressurized enclosure protection. This eliminates the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives. It is designed to operate in a broad temperature range, from winter in the Arctic to summer in the desert, with heaters and fans, and electrical and mechanical components that are rated for the full range.


COHUHD with it 50 year experience and knowledge proved that it is possible to design a solution for various customer needs. Their products are truly masterpiece of engineering, which are available in the market for wide range of  customers from Private to Military.


Regarding the Antidrone systems, COHUHD cameras could be integrated in one system, to enhance the effectivieness of Detection the UAV. As we know UAV’s are usually small and it is hard to see it in the skies. Standard Cameras could not provide the necessary zoom and image clearance, so using Ultra Long range cameras like COHU HD 8800 series the chances to detect the drone are much higher.

Integration of COHU HD cameras into Anti-Drone system could raise the chances to locate and detect the UAV. Especially in poor weather conditions. Rotating platform provides more movement freedom and wider view angle. They could be used as a standalone solution or integrated into Anti-drone systems.

Integration of COHU survelliance cameras makes Anti-Drone system more efficent to fight against UAV’s.


СOHUHD – profesional, durable and professional survelliance systems awailable in the market


More information about COHUHD survelliance cameras ask local dealer.



Drones  - useful tool or danger? 05 / 19 / 2017

Drones - useful tool or danger?

It is quite interesting how human beings can create new problems by using technologies to create tools that will make our life easier.

Technological progress has been always been a driving force. We make things to make our life easier, safer, we develop tools that help in our daily life, production, business, but sooner or later we should protect ourselves from machines we are created. Starting from the computer mistakes and glitches and ending with tragedies caused by machines. We should not forget that there are human factor, which will always follow every human being or a process where he is involved.


Anti-drone system overview and technology comparison 03 / 25 / 2017

Anti-drone system overview and technology comparison

At the beginning when unmanned aerial vehicles were more than a toy or an object of joy, no one realized how it could go in next 10 years.

Technologies are always ahead and it’s power and speed of evolution amazes everyone.

Now unmanned aerial vehicles or simply the drones become a useful tool in various business spheres. Photographers and filmmakers using professional drones as a mobile camera filming best shots from the air, geodesists and construction specialists using drones for object scanning, and monitoring, even police and border control uses drones as useful tool for surveillance and prevention of illegal acts.

In reality 90% of drone users are amateurs who use drones for a joy. Enthusiasts and professional hobbyists unlike the amateurs understand the consequences of flying in urban area.


Drones in the urban area - growing threats 01 / 18 / 2019

Drones in the urban area - growing threats

Drones become very popular nowadays, especially in urban areas. Starting from 2006 when Company SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd operating under the brand developed first quadrocopter the era of mass production drones began. Although the high price, the DJI drones such as Phantom and Inspire become very popular, reaching 400 000 units per year in 2014.

Quadrocopter main benefit in comparison with classic radio controlled aircraft model is ability to take off from a small area less that 2 m2. This benefit launched the mass flying in urban areas, where is a potential risk in case of crash. Enthusiasts fly over cities, skyscrapers, bridges, to capture beautiful picture. But due to the high interference risk in the crowded cities, the crashes appear very often. Flying high near by the skyscraper inexperienced drone pilot faces with several problems, like strong wind from the skyscraper corners, interference from the radio antennas as well as limited view. Those factors could affect the flight and cause serious consequences.


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