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“Anti-Drone” is an innovative complex perimeter protection system that is used for unauthorized perimeter intrusion detection, identification and tracking of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and realization of countermeasures to neutralize the treat in the from of drone or drone operator. 

The main component of the "Anti-Drone" system is the Harrier surveillance radar by Detect, which helps to identify and track drones, RCI aircrafts, copters, quadcopters, helicopters, etc., crossing a defined site perimeter. This stand-alone drone surveillance radar with remote control is available in Fixed Mount and Trailer configurations and is designed to control the airspace and warn about unauthorized penetration of unmanned aerial systems/vehicles (UAVs/UASs) in the protected area.

The professional Anti-Drone system for detection, identification, tracking and neutralization of all types of UAVs/UASs is used at government and industrial facilities, power installations, airports, stadiums, public venues, border monitoring areas and military facilities, as well as for protection of VIPs.

More information about technical specifications of the Harrier surveillance radar and areas of application of the "Anti-Drone" system can be found in the section Features, Advantages and Applications of the System.

Concealed threats detection system

The main specifications of the «Anti-Drone Radar System»

Additional equipment for drone detection and threat elimination

Integration with mobile platforms

The system supports real time display of information to mobile devices

Integration with Andorid platform and devices with Android OS    Integration with iOS platform and devices with iOS OS    Integration with Windows platform and devices with Windows Phone OS